After months of development - and years of valuable input from clients and experts alike - AmeriFleet is proud to announce that it will be launching both a robust new client portal - and an updated, redesigned website - on Monday, September 14.

Designed and produced to help customers do more with less while saving valuable time, money and resources, both the new client portal and website will “live” together, with the portal having a special, client only login button located on the website’s homepage.

According to AmeriFleet President John Norris, neither the site - nor the portal - would be possible without the direct input of customers, and valuable feedback from AmeriFleet’s Customer Advisory Board.

“We took the time to really listen to what customers not only needed - but wanted - in a client portal and website,” Norris said. “For most customers, it came down to finding new and innovative ways to save time and resources in todays challenging environment, and to that end, I truly believe we’ve delivered a set of world-class tools that help them accomplish that.

Developed by AmeriFleet’s team of in-house technology experts, the new portal is packed with useful information designed to keep Fleet professionals in the know about - and in control of - every aspect of their fleet’s inner workings. It features upgrades like a completely new dashboard that keeps track of all work in progress, and includes such worthwhile upgrades as:

  • Greater report capability
  • Direct access to the industry’s best licensing and compliance services
  • Satisfaction survey results from any specific timeframe for any fleet
  • Immediate access to pending open service requests
  • Real-time access to open orders including the number of days to delivery
  • Trucking and driven quote capability
  • Greater control - and freedom - over adding or modifying Client Policy
  • The new portal also features AmeriFleet’s just released Vehicle Condition reporting service, the first entirely paperless report of its kind, this new feature sends customers a suite of 7 real-time photos that gives them the industry’s first real-time look at a vehicle’s condition from the moment it’s picked up to the moment it’s safely delivered to their driver.

    The new website features an updated clean look that’s part of the company’s re-engineered brand “look and feel.” Approachable, open and accountable. Featuring custom photography of many of AmeriFleet’s more than 300 dedicated employees, the website promises ease of use; detailed, easy-to-find information; and optimized functionality. As with the client portal, AmeriFleet plans on using the new website as both an anchor - and a springboard - to introduce new tools and solutions designed to enhance the customer experience.