New service promises to help Fleet customers make smarter vehicle decisions, faster!


In a direct response to market demands, AmeriFleet is proud to announce the release of the industry’s first-ever real-time Vehicle Condition reporting capability. Quickly and accurately understanding a vehicles condition is invaluable as fleets and fleet management companies work to return fleet vehicles to service faster than ever. With this new service, critical vehicle condition information will be available the moment a driver signs for a vehicle, with the capability available on all vehicle moves, whether point to point or into - and out - of storage.

AmeriFleet’s new report is packed with features that delivers a suite of 7 high-resolution photos detailing a vehicle’s condition at every point in the delivery process. Developed with input from partners, fleet managers and AmeriFleet’s Customer Advisory Board (CAB), the new service delivers a comprehensive condition report in a matter of seconds instead of hours or days. It is unique in that it provides AmeriFleet’s customers across North America with both visual - and descriptive - proof of a vehicle’s condition.

The new service – which is available to AmeriFleet’s more than 10,000 North American customers – was developed to help Fleet professionals to do more with less, while streamlining efforts to get relevant, up to date information about any vehicle in their Fleet.

Best of all, each Vehicle Condition Report can be completed at the point of pickup or storage and then immediately sent to both the drop off location – and the customer – to insure no damage has occurred while the vehicle is being transported.

A completely paperless report, AmeriFleet’s new capability hands Fleet professionals more control by giving them the condition information they need easily, accurately and quickly. It significantly reduces the wait time for condition results, as well as delivers a holistic, 360-degree view of each and every vehicle – and any related issues.

With AmeriFleet’s new Vehicle Condition service, every vehicle condition report will now include:

  • A Complete Vehicle Overview
  • All Relevant Customer Information
  • A Review of the Vehicle’s Equipment
  • An Exterior Overview, Including Pictures With Damage Notation
  • An Interior Overview/Pictures
  • Making things even easier, the Vehicle Condition report is captured via an AmeriFleet developed smart phone or tablet app that runs on both the Apple IOS and Android operating system.

    According to AmeriFleet President John Norris, the new service is part of AmeriFleet’s ongoing efforts to leverage technological advancements to help customers better manage their fleets. It also reflects AmeriFleet’s desire to “make life easier” for customers who are continually challenged by corporate downsizing, dwindling budgets, and increased demands on their time.

    “Our goal was not only to create a service that gives customers a 360, holistic view of their vehicles in real-time, but also to provide a platform to which we can add additional real time status and location services in the near future."

    To find out more about AmeriFleet’s new breakthrough Vehicle Condition report, contact your AmeriFleet Account rep for a demonstration or overview, today.