The Services You Need

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As the leader in Fleet logistics, we realize that important moves can pop up in an instant. And that more often than not, there’s nothing easy – or regular – about them. As North America’s biggest fleet logistics services provider, AmeriFleet has made more safe, on-time moves than any other provider in the fleet logistics industry period! In fact, almost a million moves over the last 18 years. And during that time we’ve learned a lot of things about saving customers time, money and resources. Like how important it is to take full financial responsibility for every move. And what a difference working with the right drivers can mean for a job’s success. Or – how much easier it can be to get things done when you have over 65 locations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. And a support team with over 1,000 year’s collective experience in the Fleet industry.

So no matter whether a project involves 10 units or a 1,000. Or if the vehicles are light duty, luxury or the biggest work trucks ever made. With AmeriFleet, customers get the scope they need, the experience they deserve, and the right people to get any job done on time, on budget and safely executed right the first time. We guarantee it.


Storage & Inventory Management

Making sure unassigned vehicles are accessible, well cared for, and in top running condition is an important part of managing any fleet. That’s why AmeriFleet takes full responsibility for every unassigned vehicle entrusted to our care. Our goal is to make sure handling your unassigned inventory is easy – and convenient – so we’ve developed a unique system that takes advantage of more than 50 storage locations across North America. Each staffed by a dedicated service manager who treats your vehicle like it’s his own from the moment its bar code scanned in to the facility to the day you want it to roll back in to service. You’ll even have access to a range of in-storage services like maintenance, auto body and detailing – all provided by your Fleet Management Company’s Preferred providers or the preferred shop of your choice.


Licensing & Compliance

Navigating the murky waters of License and Compliance can be a difficult proposition.

With so many players – and so many laws – the rules don’t just change daily – they change hourly. To get a handle on your escalating needs, you need an expert that understands the licensing landscape, and that’s where AmeriFleet can help.

At AmeriFleet, we take Licensing seriously. In fact, we’re the only Fleet logistics services provider that offers Licensing services in all 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico and across Canada. We offer the industry’s most complete suite of licensing services. One that gives Fleet professionals the tools they need to get things done right the first time.

We can handle everything. From the initial registration, to ownership transfers, state transfers, renewals, duplicate titles and registrations, title searches, and IRP/IFTA management. AmeriFleet even has dedicated “feet on the street” that can knock-out even the toughest assignments when nothing else seems to work. We get things done in hours – not days or weeks. Whether its a complete turnkey delivery for an entire fleet – or paper work for a single vehicle – AmeriFleet has a dedicated team of more than 40 experts with the know-how to help get your licensing needs handled quickly, competently and cost-effectively every time.


Major Project Management

As North America’s biggest and best fleet logistics services partner, AmeriFleet prides itself on being able to manage your most important projects no matter how big – or small. That’s because – after almost 20 years as the industry pioneer – we’ve learned that no two moves are the same – but that every one of them is important. So whether it’s a large scale deployment of 3000 new work trucks and recovery of 3000 retiring vehicles; a major downsizing involving pickup and storage of 2000 vehicles in 48 hours; or the deployment of 500 newly up-fitted vocational vehicles across North America, AmeriFleet has the right people – and the perfect project management protocol – to get it done on time and on budget. In fact, many of our team members are certified – or earned their degree in – project management, giving you just the resources you need every time you pick up the phone and call us.


Work Truck

Managing the many intricacies of Work Truck delivery is never easy. It requires a partner with intimate knowledge, a wide ranging network, and a stable of hundreds of top-flight, professional CDL and DOT drivers who really know the ins and outs of handling what usually are the most expensive vehicles in any fleet. That’s why AmeriFleet has been offering best in class, turnkey work truck solutions since the day we opened our doors almost 20 years ago. In fact, we moved over 50,000 CDL & DOT units - and logged over 12.6 work truck million miles - in 2014 alone, working for everyone from FMC’s to private fleets. With Work Truck services from AmeriFleet, you can count on us to quickly and efficiently handle every detail involved with picking up your vehicle to getting it on the road as quickly as possible. From securing all of the necessary license, title and registration documents - to pick up, inspection, and finally the safe and timely delivery of your valuable assets, AmeriFleet does more to get your work trucks on the road faster and making money sooner. Plus you’ll benefit from working with our experienced team with over 90 years in the business and the ability to seamlessly execute - saving you time, keeping you compliant and helping increase your productivity every step of the way.